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Welcome to my  Cinematic Cutscene  project created in Unity

This project was created using Unity's Cinemachine, Animator and Timeline packages and is made up of separate cutscenes (Intro, Idle, Final) and a small gameplay session.

Some of the features created and used within this project include:

  • Cinemachine Virtual Cameras - Blend List, Point of View (POV), 3rd Person Follow Orbital Transposer.
  • Timeline Tracks - Audio, Animation, Activation, Cinemachine.
  • Scrolling Text Dialogue.
  • Fading in/out of cutscenes using Animator and Timeline.
  • Skybox - 6-sided Cubemap.
  • Post Processing effects.
  • Short gameplay session controlling the main characters spaceship with the W, A, S and  D keys.
    • Accelerate spaceship feature by holding down the 'Left-Shift' key.
  • Completely free music and UI components.
  • 3D assets from Filebase - (
    • Utilised Blender to split geometries flip normals of 3D assets, creating separate UV meshes for windows on the spaceships.

    • Utilised Photoshop to create Emission Maps for 3D assets.

First Cutscene - This is an intro cutscene that sets the scene as the team sets out to explore some strange electromagnetic disturbances that have been witnessed near the International Space Station (ISS). This cutscene will end when you receive the gameplay instructions. Towards the end of this scene when you are in the cockpit of the spaceship, you can move the mouse to look around.

Second Cutscene - Is a hidden Idle cinematic. This will automatically play when you are in the gameplay session if you haven't pressed a key for 10 seconds. At the end of this idle cinematic, it will start the Gameplay session again. Make sure to press a key during this time so you don't go through the idle cinematic again.

Third Cutscene - The Final cutscene (which I won't give too many secrets away)!

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AuthorChris Hilton
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, cinematic, Sci-fi, Unity

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