Game Design Portfolio

This action packed 2D Space Shooter Unity project was designed to showcase the basics of how to get a simple, yet beautiful 2D game up and running to WebGL.

Some of the features created within this project include:

  • Player movement using W, A, S and D keys.
  • Many different weapons (with cooldown systems) for the Player, Enemies and Boss including - Lasers, triple shot lasers, quad lasers, mega laser, aggressive ramming, mines and a homing missile - 'Space' key.
  • 3 enemies and a boss all with different movement patterns, VFX, abilities and cooldowns.
  • Collectable powerups including - Ammo, speed, triple shot, shields, health, mega laser and a dangerous skull!
  • Rechargeable thruster boost to give your player an instant boost of speed to get out of tricky situations by holding down the 'L-Shift' key.
  • Balanced spawn manager wave mechanic, including random spawn points.
  • UI Interface including:
    • Main menu with gameplay instructions and powerup explanations.
    • Total player lives.
    • Remaining enemies for current wave.
    • Ammo system.
    • Dynamic thruster boost charging bar.
    • Cumulative player score.
    • Retro game over flicker text.
    • Camera shake when collisions occur, and
    • Restart/quit game buttons.
  • Retro audio effects for:
    • Shooting weapons and empty ammo.
    • Destroying enemies.
    • Collecting powerups.
    • Thruster boost activation and cooling down when overcharged.
    • Background music, and 
    • UI button click.

V1.0 - Initial upload

V1.1 - Increased max ammo capacity. Increased starting max ammo. Increased ammo powerup drop rate. Fixed players thruster animation. Increased frequency of common powerup drops. Reduced players speed for the "Speed" powerup. Fixed wave text showing after players death.

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